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For the blind darkness is not a handicap,
For the deaf noise pollution does not exist,
For the mute voice is unnecessary to communicate,
Every disability is an ability too.

The blind can lead you to safety in darkness,
Surrounding voice does not disturb the deaf,
Mute can communicate across glass walls with hand signals,
A normal person would struggle in these situations.

The paralysis affects the body not the mind,
The deafness does not affect innovation,
The blindness does not affect creativity,
The muteness does not affect imagination.

If you have the will, courage and determination,
You can achieve your goals in spite of the challenges.
Many people have achieved greatness and fame,
Fighting their disabilities and disadvantages.

Life is not fair—some have it easy, some have to struggle.
But when you think about your difficulties,
Think of those with more, who still fight undeterred,
Think of how lucky you are.

Don’t hide behind the hardships; overcome it,
Don’t wallow in self pity; transcend it,
Don’t succumb to depression; conquer it,
If life is easy, then what is the thrill in living?

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