I am back…

At last the final chapters of the book Essentials of Database Management Systems have been sent for proof reading. Now the only things remaining are incorporating the corrections (if any), taking the camera ready copy (CRC), preparing the index, writing the preface and dedication, generating the table of contents and so on. The book will be released by mid October 2005.

Last few weeks have been very hectic and I used to spend 12 – 14 hours in front of the computer. Now since the book is over, I am taking a small break for a few days. After that it is again back to square one, I have to finish 2 more books this year.

Here are a few things I did in the last few weeks:


  1. Completed the book Essential of Database Management Systems
  2. Designed and developed the companion web site for all our books along with my brother. We are still testing the site which is at http://www.leon-leon.com/.
  3. Replied to 64 e-mails on various topics from career guidance, project help, queries on subjects where I have books, help in completing assignments, etc.
  4. Wrote a review of Visual Thesaurus for Pegasus Book Club
  5. Wrote 2 article reviews and a book review for Computing Reviews
  6. Gave consultation on e-marketing to a very good Russian friend
  7. Read two books (The Art of Project Management by Berkun and Best Software Writing I by Spolsky)
  8. Wrote a review of The Complete Sherlock Holmes for Pegasus Book Club


  1. Read 4 books—1 travelogue (With the Kamasutra under my arm by Bernard) and 3 novels (Eldest by Paolini, The Historian by Kostova and One Shot by Child)
  2. Watched Ice Age for the 46th time with my 4 year old nephew and still enjoyed it
  3. Watched 3 new movies—Shark Tale, Viruddh and Swades
  4. Helped my sister with her Ph. D research and learned more than I ever wanted to know about fast foods and factors affecting fast food consumption among adolescent girls in that process
  5. I also received the following mail, which made me very happy. It is a nice feeling to know that the time spent in replying mails and answering queries is producing results. But only a very few people (I must have received about 20 -25 such mails during the last 8 years) spare a little time to send a mail like this, majority consider it a waste of time; once they get all the information they want, and have reached somewhere, the flow of e-mails will stop.

    Respected Sir,

    First of all, please accept plenty of thanks from my heart. I am writing this e-mail with a lot of gratitude, since your guidance changed my career and life. I had written to you earlier also expressing my thanks.

    In 2001, I wrote to you wondering what I should do. Earlier I left an excellent banking job in Gulf and joined a dot com company only to loose my job in 40 days time. I was doing M.Sc (IT) at that time. I had purchased your book “Fundamentals of Information Technology” since it covered all the topics of M.Sc (IT) paper 1: Principles & Practice of Information Technology.

    I wrote emails to you and you had replied very promptly. I had even spoken to you over phone once. You suggested me doing SAP, since I was keen about ERP. I had taken your words as God’s words and did SAP with all sincerity. I have worked in SAP consulting for the last 4 years.

    Since last month, I am working in the US for a well-known organization as SAP Consultant. I am here on H1-B visa. My employer has assured me to process my Green card shortly.

    I was talking to my friend here and he was talking about another book written by you (Software Configuration Management). I remembered you and felt like writing this email.

    Please keep in touch. If I can be of any help to you, pls do let me know.



  1. silverine said,

    October 5, 2005 at 8:42 am

    Congratulations on completing your book! You seem to be a prolific writer. I enjoyed Ice Age and Shark Tales too, in fact I think I saw it a couple of times and would like to see it again.

    I am particularly impressed with the email you have shown here. An advice in time goes a long way in making someone’s future I guess.

    Great going Alexis!!

  2. silverine said,

    October 5, 2005 at 8:44 am

    p.s. Glad that you liked the presentation. Next time you want to send a significant ecard to someone, check out http://www.dayspring.com/. Their christian collection is awe inspiring.