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Stanley Ka Dabba

Today I saw the movie ‘Stanley Ka Dabba.’ I have not seen a movie that was equally heart-warming and heart-wrenching in the recent past. It is a movie that will make you happy, sad, angry, and take you through a myriad of emotions. It will take you back to your school days. It will also make you hungry 🙂

This movie will help you realize and reemphasize your belief in the goodness of humanity and the existence of pure and selfless love and kindness. It will help you better appreciate the help other have given you, kindness that you received, and the caring and sharing that you enjoyed. It will make you want to become a better person.

The plot of the movie is simple and straightforward. It is the story of Stanley—a fourth standard student. Stanley is very popular in his class as he is a great entertainer. Most of the teachers and all his classmates love him. Stanley never brings a ‘dabba’ (lunch box) to school, but his friends share their lunch with him. Their Hindi teacher—also known as ‘Khadoos’—never brings lunch but eats the lunch of his colleagues and students. ‘Khadoos’ doesn’t like Stanley as Stanley’s friends avoids him preferring to share their food with Stanley. One day ‘Khadoos’ finds Stanley and friends having a great time. He becomes so angry and asks Stanley not to come to school without his own dabba. Stanley misses his classes and his absence is felt by his friends and class teacher who are saddened by the fact. One day Stanley returns to school and this time with his own ‘dabba’. He presents the mouth watering dishes in his ‘dabba’ to ‘Khadoos’ and asks his permission to return to his class. ‘Khadoos’ realizes his mistake, resigns, and leaves the school after writing a letter of apology to Stanley. In the meanwhile, Stanley’s performance in an inter-school cultural festival is appreciated by all. The rest of the story reveals who Stanley is, why he was not bringing his ‘dabba’ and so on.

All the actors, especially the kids have performed well. The movies was written, directed, and produced by Amole Gupte and he also stars in it as ‘Khadoos.’ His son Partho Gupte gives a stellar performance as Stanley. All the actors in the movie from the peon to the headmaster have acted really well. It is a simple movies made on a very low budget. But the constraints on budget no way affect the quality of the movies—it is simply awesome.

This move is a result of theater and cinema sessions conducted on Saturdays and vacation days, each session not exceeding five hours including 2 recesses and without a single day of school missed by the children. More information about the movie at

A must see movie—see it and show it to your kids—it will be an enriching experience.

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