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“Black suits you well,” Deepak said as I was entering the room. I mouthed a thank you and went to my desk. I knew his eyes were following me and adoring my body. The thought excited me and a smile appeared on my face.

I am an assistant art director at Vision Communications, one of the leading advertising firms of the country. Deepak is the copywriter and creative director. When I joined the company 8 months ago he had already put in more than 6 years. He was exceptionally good at his job and was the most creative person in the company. Even though his designation was senior copywriter, he did whatever he wanted—direction, photography, makeup, painting, story-boarding, etc.

“You should know all the jobs and how each job fits in the overall picture to become excellent in what you are doing,” that was his advice to all new recruits. He told them not to be afraid of trying their hand in areas outside their specialization; in fact, he encouraged them. Unlike most seniors in the company, he was not afraid of fresh talent as he was confident about his abilities and strived constantly to improve them.

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