Giving Your Best

To have a full life,
And a fulfilling one,
To have success and glory,
That is what we wish for.

To live happily,
And to have everything,
To have strength and beauty,
That is what we dream of.

To love and be loved,
And have the loved ones around,
To have health and wealth,
That is what we hope for.

Wishes, dreams, and hopes,
We need all of them.
A life without them,
Will be empty and dull.

We can’t win everything we wish for,
We can’t get everything we dream about,
We can’t have everything we hope for,
Life is not that easy.

We’ll have more failures than successes,
We’ll have more downs than ups,
We’ll have more sorrows than delights,
Life is like that.

Failures shouldn’t deter us,
Depression shouldn’t pull us down,
Fall only to rise again,
Life should be like that.

Life without challenges is insipid,
We fail, but still strive for success,
We fall, but still try to get up,
We struggle, but still continue to fight.

Success, fame, and glory,
Health, wealth, and fortune,
All will come and go,
One day you have them, next day you don’t

But that doesn’t matter,
You know you have tried,
You have given your best,
It’s the only thing that matters.

There is success in that failure,
There is pleasure in that pain,
Because you know you have tried,
Because you know you gave the best.

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